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Olive oil and:

Cardiovascular diseases:
        - It doesn´t raise the rate of total cholesterol in blood.
        - It increases HDL (high density lipoproteins).
        - Reduces the risk of heart attacks.
        - Decreases the risk of arterial thrombosis.
Digestive functions: 
        - Successful action of protection against ulcers and gastritis.
        - Promotes the biliary function.
        - Regulates the evacuation of the biliary duct.
        - Reduces the risk of gallstones.
        - High level of absorption by the intestine.
        - Regulates the intestinal transit.

Bones and nervous system:
        - Aids the normal growth of bones.
        - Improves the mineralization of bones as much in children as in adults.
        - Helps the normal development of the brain, before and after birth.
        - Prevents the harmful effects of aging (cerebral functions...).

        - Reduces the risk of certain tumours (breast, intestine, leukaemia...).

        - Nourishes the skin, protecting it and making it smooth.
        - It is used in treatments for acne, psoriasis and eczema.
        - Applied to the inside of the mouth, it conserves the whiteness of the teeth and fortifies gums
        - Very good for massages, baths, beauty masks and shampoos.

(*) Information obtained from International Olive Oil Council publications.

(*) Information sacada de publicaciones del Consejo Oleícola Internacional.

Olive Oil and health

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